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Slings and Sling – A 100% secure mooring

The use of slings and strobes facilitates the grip and lifting of all types of materials, especially essential tools in the development of high-altitude work. From Lifting Equipment we can supply an extensive range of slings in a variety of modalities: made in chain, with steel or synthetic cable. Come in, meet our line of lifting accessories and make a choice that will improve the safety and performance of your work.

En Equipos de Elevación cubrimos una amplia línea de estrobos y eslingas de nylon para carga y amarre, de cadena y de acero. Gracias al uso combinado de eslingas de primera calidad y sólidos estrobos hallará el mecanismo para levantar todo tipo de carga de gran peso con facilidad y seguridad.

Clasificación de estribas:

  • Sintéticas: Nylon, Prolileno

  • Cadena: Sencillas, Dobles, Multiples

  • Cable de Acero: Sencillas, Dobles, Multiples

La eslinga es un tramo relativamente corto de material polyester flexible y resistente, con extremos en forma de ojales, preparados para sujetar cargamento y unirlo con el equipo de izamiento, empleando también para ello estrobos.

Ventajas de las eslingas

In order to correctly choose the required sling, we must bear in mind the type of work for which we need it. The diversity of types of slings with their different dimensions means that they are not all appropriate for the same task. It is necessary to clarify the type of load for which it will be used, to delimit the necessary weight and its nature.

The textile slings stand out for:

  • Its low weight and high flexibility, which allows it to adapt to the adversities that may occur during transport a delicate load.

  • Being resistant to mineral acids, thus generating greater durability, does not deteriorate or damage metallic surfaces.

  • They do not rot.

  • Its price is among the cheapest for this type of product.

  • To guarantee maximum safety, slings are cataloged in a range of colors that define their properties. In this way, it is possible to adjust them conveniently to each type of load and elevation.

  • A quality nylon sling is not only usable for lifting loads but also for towing stranded cars and similar types of use.

Therefore, nylon straps and slings are essential elements for the safe and reliable transport of delicate objects or heavy loads.

From Lifting Equipment we recommend the use of strops and slings since they are useful tools for the lifting of loads. However, occasionally, it can also make use of a sling to transmit tensile stress, other than lifting loads, such is the case of trailers.

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