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Electric winches – Mobility for large loads

An electric winch allows to move loads of important capacity, as well as to favor its lifting, being very used in construction companies, workshops, excavation tasks or for use in off-road vehicles. It has lifting equipment to make with last generation electric winches.

When the loads are especially heavy, an electric winch is a great help. This equipment has a rotating roller around which a steel cable is wound (normally), generating the movement of the load subject to it.

Among the functions and applications that electric winches perform is executing tasks for different industrial sectors and others for personal use. Thanks to this powerful safety equipment, each of them is carried out in a comfortable and simple way.

Its wide range of capabilities makes it possible to find electric winches for all types of needs but always effective and capable of offering answers at the most decisive moments.

Electric winches, thanks to their efficiency and power, are usually applied in sectors such as :

  • Mining where its use is essential because it facilitates the extraction of materials from the interior.

  • The metallurgical and cement industry where they are used to trace and unload materials or objects to hoppers in an efficient way.

  • In excavation work as well as for the towing of vehicles and other emergency situations.

Thanks to its simple use it allows the personnel to execute work with total security, optimizing the heavy work.

For use in the field of construction, the electric winch is an excellent choice for the following characteristics :

  • Strong traction power

  • Brake

  • Welded drum in high resistance, safe and reliable

To these badges it is necessary to add its great capacity of resistance, a motor of much boot, varied models, different forms and sizes. Each type is designed to adequately fulfill each assigned task and be effectively occupied in various mechanical applications such as weight loading, unloading, moving, lifting and / or transporting large objects. It is specially designed to support loads of 300 kilos up to 2 tons with total comfort.

Get one of these electric winches. There will be no load that will resist you. Do the test!

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